If you’re signing up with one of the leading online casinos that accept players from Cambodia, there’s a big chance that its portfolio includes blackjack. Together with the standard online slots, you should play this game for several reasons. One, it boasts a friendly house edge at roughly 1 percent in most casinos. With a lower house edge, players have a better chance of winning and collecting a payout. Also, when you play blackjack for real money, you’ll enjoy a casino game that’s easy to play.

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What you need to know when you play blackjack for real money to beat the dealer’s hand is: one, holding a total that beats the dealer and two, not exceeding 21 when the casino dealer does. With its friendly house edge and easy-to-remember rules, it’s not surprising why it’s a popular option in many Cambodian casinos.

But before you play, make sure you know what to expect in the game. Let’s take a look at the betting process and the different decisions you can make on the blackjack table.

play blackjack for real money casino

Blackjack Card Values

Your success in an online blackjack real money game depends on how good your hand is. You should know how each card is valued in the game. In blackjack, the magic number is ‘21’ and you need to beat the dealer’s hand by collecting a hand with better value or you don’t exceed that magic number.

In blackjack, all cards use their face values. For example, picture cards like Kings and Jacks count as 10 and the Ace can be a 1 or 11. The card suits have no bearing in the online blackjack for money games. To get the hand value, simply compute for its total using the assigned values. For example, a hand with 4-5-8 will collect a total of 17, and if the dealer collects a 15, you win the round.

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Rules When You Play Blackjack for Real Money

Before the round starts, the dealer will collect first the bets from the players. Once all bets have been confirmed, you will receive two cards. Also, the dealer gets two cards, with one card dealt face-up. During your turn, you can make one of the following decisions:

  • Hit. This means that you want another card from the deck. When you play blackjack for real money online, just click the ‘Hit’ button to request another card.
  • Stand. With this decision, you are satisfied with the value of the hand. When playing in brick-and-mortar casinos, you can stand by waving your hand over the cards, with your palm down. In an online game, simply click ‘Stand’ and the cards of the dealer will be displayed. If your hand has a better value, you win and collect a payout.
  • Surrender. Not all game variants will offer the surrender variant. But when it does, it allows you to forfeit your hand with an automatic loss of half the original wager. Before you play blackjack for real money, you may want to check this option.
  • Splitting. If you collect two cards with an identical value, like a 5-5, you have the option to split this into two hands. When you play blackjack for real money live game, we call this as ‘splitting’. When you exercise this option, you must make another wager equal to the original bet.
  • Double down. This is another option to play on the blackjack table. With double down, you have the option to double your initial wager in exchange for another card.
play blackjack for real money online

These are the basic decisions you can make when you play online blackjack for real money. Keep in mind that some betting rules may vary depending on the variant you play. So before you deposit and place a wager, make sure you check the variant you play and review the standard house rules and gameplay.


❓ Can I play blackjack for real money online?

Yes. If you’re from Cambodia, make sure to check all available online casinos that are fully licensed and regulated to collect real money bets from local players. Alternatively, you can rely on our list of recommended Cambodian online casinos.

💰 Can I play this game in a free demo before I play in real money mode?

Yes, you can. There are free demo versions of blackjack online. If you’re a new player, we highly recommend that you try first the game using free credits to explore the rules and test a few strategies.

📱 Is online blackjack playable on Android and iOS devices?

Most online casinos today offer a real money blackjack app that allows players to access the game anywhere, anytime. The app is available in download and instant play versions.